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Loan Periods & Fines

Faculty, Staff, & Students

Item loan limit: Unlimited

Main collection 3 weeks.     $0.25 per day
7-Day Reserve (2 items).     7 days $5.00 per day
3-Day Reserve (2 items) 72 hours $5.00 per day
1-Day Reserve (2 items) 24 hours $5.00 per day
3-Hour Reserve (2 items) 3 hours $0.50 per hour
Interlibrary Loan Lending Library's discretion      $1.00 per day

Community Members

Item loan limit: 5 items (excludes Reserves and Interlibrary Loan).

Main collection      3 weeks       $0.25 per day

Book Returns

Library books and DVDs can be returned either to the Circulation Desk by the front entrance or in the book drop located just outside the main entrance to the left.

Payment for Fines & Lost Items

If overdue fines exceed $5, patrons may not check out any items until items have been returned and fines have been paid. Fines can be paid in cash or check at the Circulation Desk, or by card through the Business Office.

Patrons are responsible for paying for lost items, which may include charges up to $15 in overdue fines, $15 for a replacement processing fee, plus the actual cost of the item lost.

Fines for 3-hour, in library use only items may accrue up to $36.



Renew Online using your WebbConnect username and password.  Click the Library Links menu at the top right on any Library Catalog search page and choose the option to Renew Online.  If the renewal process does not work for some reason (the item is already overdue, for example), you will need to contact someone at the Circulation Desk by phone or in person.

In-Person and Phone

Items can be renewed by bringing the items to the Circulation Desk in person, or by calling (704) 406-4295.

Renewal Limit

Unlimited number of times per semester (Reserves items are not eligible for renewal)

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